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Meaning of "Fixed nested termination behavior on V8"

Dec 26, 2015 at 9:09 PM
Dear ClearScript team,

we are currently running 5.4.3 on our server application - we have been noticing for a while that, on very rare occasions (and apparently at random) one of the threads using V8 through ClearScript hangs indefinitely.

We've observed this for different tasks (ranging from the computationally and memory intensive to the "short and clean") as well as different workloads of the system itself. Rather interestingly, this behavior is not coupled with high CPU usage (as one would expect from an infinite loop situation) - it's just like the engine is stalled indefinitely by something.

Now I was looking at the release notes of 5.4.4 and the "Fixed nested termination behavior on V8" got my attention - can this be related to an engine never returning control to the application?

Dec 28, 2015 at 3:56 AM
Hi andrea_schirru,

The issue you're seeing doesn't seem likely to be affected by the nested termination fix, which has to do with ScriptEngine.Interrupt() behavior when multiple top-level script frames are on the stack.

Currently we're not aware of any hanging issues in ClearScript 5.4.3 or 5.4.4. Do you have a code sample or stack trace you could share?