Exporting array of Number from V8.

Hi again, guys. There is some way to export a array of Number ([1,2]) from JS evaluation to C# array of integer? The JS code is: (function (data){ return new RuleExecutionResult(data.BodyFat >...

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Error trying to build ClearScript

Hi people. First of all, ClearScript is great, thank you. Now, i'm trying to build it from the scrath and i think that is something wrong with build events in some vcxproj files like j2c and post...

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[FIXED] AccessViolationException while calling Dispose on V8ScriptEngine from a Finalizer

Hi, I am getting an AccessViolationException while calling V8ScriptEngine from a finalizer. I can reproduce the issue with below code: namespace ClearScriptLoadTest { public class ClearScriptWr...

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Enable simplified syntax for accessing default members

ClearScript doesn't provide any syntactic shortcuts for accessing default members. This is particularly noticeable with indexers, which currently must be accessed by name. For example, host dicti...

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Adding host primitive types

Dear Sir or Madam, I need to be able to pass in primitive types. I cannot use AddHostObject(). Calling AddHostObject() for boxed primitive types (double, int, etc.) raises exception "Invalid ho...

Id #49 | Release: ClearScript 5.3 | Updated: Aug 4 at 2:25 AM by ClearScript | Created: Jul 23 at 8:46 PM by moiwok

[FIXED] Memory leak using delegates

Hi, It seems V8 engines are not garbage collected if a script uses a host delegate. public class MyClass { } static void DelegateTest() { List<WeakReference> enginesW...

Id #48 | Release: ClearScript 5.3 | Updated: Jun 11 at 2:27 AM by ClearScript | Created: Jun 9 at 11:47 AM by Zcodez

[FIXED] Windows script engines leak host objects exposed via dynamic property assignment

This issue was reported here. An initial investigation points at a bug in the Windows script runtime. A workaround may be to force the engine to call back to the host to retrieve the property value.

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[FIXED] CHECK(V8::ArrayBufferAllocator() != NULL) failed

By default, v8 doesn't have an array buffer allocator. I was able to fix this with in a pure native console app with by adding one following the example as shown in (look at Shell::Main in d8.cc f...

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[FIXED] Fatal error in heap setup, Allocation failed - process out of memory

Hi, While investigating some memory related issues in my application, I managed to reproduce what seems to be a problem. The following minimal application terminates on my PC after ~50 cycles an...

Id #44 | Release: ClearScript 5.3 | Updated: Sep 1 at 7:34 PM by ClearScript | Created: Apr 15 at 3:02 PM by Zcodez

[FIXED] Strings with embedded null characters are not marshaled correctly to and from V8

If a .NET or V8 string has an embedded null character, ClearScript truncates it during marshaling.

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