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Cannot load V8-ia32.dll on Pentium III machine

Jul 28, 2014 at 11:26 AM
I am using Clearscript dll in my application and when I try to load it on the Pentium 3 machine, and I get the following error.
Cannot load v8-ia32.dll -> it fails at loadAssembly() method.

I have installed C++ 2010/2012/2013 distributables on my P3 machine but still I get the same error.

Dependency walker was giving error for mpr.dll which I replaced with the latest version and the problem was resolved, but my application crashed at the same point.

Does anyone have any idea on why is it happening?

One more observation: Even Chrome browser is not supported on PIII machine, does that hints something?

My Machine details;
Processor - Intel Pentium 3
RAM - 512MB
OS - Windows XP SP3
HardDisk - 60GB

Thanks & Regards,
Anand Shanbhag
Jul 28, 2014 at 3:02 PM
Hi Anand,

ClearScript's C++ project files use default code generation flags, which target CPUs that support SSE2 instructions (Pentium 4 and up). You could try to create a private build that overrides that setting.

Also note that V8 itself has dropped support for pre-SSE2 processors as of Version 3.27.

Good luck!
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